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jQCarousel Under Angle Demo


About the Carousel jQCarousel is a jQuery UI plugin distributed under the General Public License, developed by Minko Gechev, used for creating carousel galleries. It's not using canvases or SVG so it has big browser compatibility. It has rich API for such a small plugin. You can find it at GitHub. The plugin is under construction so it's performance and features are extending constantly. If you wish to help improving the gallery you can fork the project in GitHub or send me advices via any of the contact methods provided in the section below.
  • Performance improved
  • Bugs fixed
  • +removeEnlarged method
  • +enlargedOffset property
You can check the API at: GitHub


About If you want to use jQCarousel you can find it in my repository in GitHub (in the link bellow). You can contact me using the following social networks. If you wish to download jQCarousel's source code use the link here.
Copyright © 2012 Minko Gechev.